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Department of Oceanography


Department of Oceanography is a newly formed department of Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, and started its journey from December 2016.Department of Oceanography is dedicated to education and research to advance understanding of the ocean science through use of scientific research, oceanographic observations, data modelling and development of new technologies and its interaction with the Earth system and contributing greatly to the country's blue economy.


The way in which we intend to achieve our mission is by (i) undertaking internationally competitive oceanographic research and education with a long-term focus, (ii) working for the effective translation of new and existing knowledge into demonstrably high societal benefits and (iii) manage, develop, coordinate and innovate high quality large research infrastructure, equipment pools, and enabling functions for the benefit of Bangladesh to deliver excellent education and science with impact.

Careers and Employability

The Department of Oceanography at NSTU, aims to advance our knowledge of the ocean environment around the globe and particularly Bay of Bengal (BOB). Emphasis will be given to the physical, chemical, biological, geological and atmospheric aspects of the oceans around BOB, but the intention is to use this new knowledge to draw conclusions which are globally relevant. Department of Oceanography’s goal is to advance marine sciences through observation, experimentation and modeling, and to provide excellent educational and research opportunities for graduate and undergraduates in Bangladesh with degrees in Oceanography. Depending on their oceanographic degree and specialist module choices,graduates from the Department of Oceanography can apply for jobs in following areas:

  • Coastal and water resource management
  • Coastal and offshore engineering, hydrography
  • Remote sensing
  • Sea bed exploration and surveying/ Oil and gas industries
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • Government laboratories (including Environmental Agency and CEFAS)
  • Marine conservation/ Ecotourism
  • Fisheries & Fish and shellfish culture/ Aquaculture industries
  • Oceanographic institutes
  • Marine environmental impact studies/ Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental toxicology/ Pollution monitoring/treatment and waste disposal management
  • Marine environmental consultancy/ The Environment Agency
  • Policy Making/ Regulatory Authorities

     Specific sectors in Bangladesh are-

  • Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute (BORI), Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI)
  • Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD)
  • Bangladesh Navy (Hydrography)
  • Department of Fisheries (DoF)
  • Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
  • Department of Environment (DoE)
  • Different NGO’s