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Welcome to the Department of Oceanography, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh. Department of oceanography currently offers Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Oceanography and intensively working to open Master of science degree in different specialized field of oceanography like Physical oceanography, Biological and fisheries oceanography, chemical oceanography, geological oceanography, integrated coastal management, and climate and space oceanography.


As we know, global environmental changes, caused by anthropogenic activity, are rapidly altering our oceans and coastal environments. Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries due to global warming and climate change. With climate change the most prominent driver, human society is facing with dramatic challenges from rising sea levels, extreme storm events, warming oceanic waters, altered ecosystems (including failing fisheries), and increasing ocean acidification. Basic scientific research on ocean science, today as always, forms the very foundation upon which environmental problems can be solved. In practical terms, the modern shift in oceanography includes determining how the broad oceanographic community responds to these challenges, particularly in terms of mitigating the effects of large-scale changes, and developing methods of improving marine sustainability and resilience.